‘Waiting For The Sun’ is out on 15th Feb

You can pre-order it now as an A5 art print with download!

SURPRISE! ‘Waiting For The Sun‘ will be released on the 15th February! đźŽ‰ Following the release of Heads or Tails, this is the 2nd of the singles in the trilogy to come. I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s been a long time coming and I am so incredibly proud of this song and accompanying artwork. I have been performing this song since I first started playing live and it means so much to me. I wrote it near the start of my journey into adulthood and not too long after I was diagnosed with MRKH Syndrome. Just like ‘The Sun’ tarot card it accompanies, the song carries a lot of loss and an equal amount of hope. 

“I have endured,
Bad situations,
And Compulsion,
And Misfortune,
And I’d do it all again.

And I’m thinking of you all,
As I lay here,
Waiting for the sun.”

Pre-order the A5 art print and download HERE.